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How we look after your data

The Old English Bed Company is a trading name of the Mansion House Bedding Company Limited. The Mansion House Bedding Company Limited is considered a data controller, for the purpose of the storage or processing of personal information. It is also considered to be a data processor, as it stores or processes personal data on behalf of another organisation.

What’s in this policy?

This policy tells you:

  • what information we might collect about you
  • how we might use that information
  • when we might use your details to contact you
  • what information of yours we might share with others
  • your choices about the personal information you give us

What does this policy cover?

This policy covers the services that are offered by the Mansion House Bedding Company Limited.

What’s not covered in this policy?

Our services may link to services run by other companies. Those companies have their own privacy and cookies policies, so remember that the information you give them will follow their rules and not ours.

We sometimes offer services to, or via, other companies, such as our social media channels. Make sure to check their privacy policy so you know how they will use your information.

How do you protect my personal information?

We’re strongly committed to keeping your information safe. And to do this we design our services with your safety in mind. We also have dedicated teams to look after your information security and privacy.

At the same time, no service can be completely secure – if you have any concerns that your account or personal information has been put at risk, for example if someone could have found out your password, please get in touch straight away.

Where we store your information

Some companies that provide services to us run their services from outside the European Economic Area. We only let that happen if we are satisfied with their levels of security. Keep in mind that when you give us personal information it could be being transferred, stored or processed in a location outside the EEA.

The information we collect is stored on and off line and we implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of personal information. On-line data is stored in the local server and backed-up regularly. Paper documentation is stored in organised files in locked cabinets. Archived paper data is held concerning past activities and this data held in a secure and locked storage area.

We will retain all given information on the following basis:

All information required to administer our accounts system, including bank account details, are stored on Sage software. All paper accounting information is routinely destroyed after seven years. Similarly, where applicable, the criteria used to determine the period of storage of personal data is the respective statutory retention period. After expiration of that period, the corresponding data is routinely deleted, as long as it is no longer necessary for the fulfilment of the contract or the initiation of a contract.

All other contact details and information is retained until otherwise advised by a member company that it should change, or for a reasonable period after a member company leaves membership as is the case for any other contact details unless that individual has unsubscribed from further contact or a specific opt-in requirement is appropriate and that individual had not provided it.

Website Backups: Our website is backed up on a regular basis for security and disaster recovery purposes. The backups are stored securely on-site. Website backups will be stored for a maximum of 30 days before being deleted.

What types of information might you collect about me?

We’ll give details about why we need your personal information and how we’ll use it before you begin, unless it’s obvious.

Information that you give us

We might ask for your name and contact details, the organisation for which you are employed/that you own, your date of birth or financial details, depending on what you’re doing.

Device information

Devices are lots of things like:

  • your computer
  • your mobile
  • your TV
  • your tablet

We automatically collect some technical information from these devices and web browsers. This might include:

  • IP (internet protocol) address
  • device ID

How long will you store information relating to me?

When you give us any personal information we’ll let you know how long we’ll hold it for. And always stick to these principles:

  • we only hold your information for as long as we do the activities we told you about or have a valid reason to keep it
  • we think about what type of information it is, the amount collected, how sensitive it might be and any legal requirements
  • we design our services so that we don’t hold your information any longer than we have to

How can you use my personal information?

We have to have a valid reason to use your personal information. It’s called the “lawful basis for processing”. Sometimes we might ask your permission to do things, like when you subscribe to an email. Other times, when you’d reasonably expect us to use your personal information, we don’t ask your permission, but only when:

  • the law says it’s fine to use it, and
  • it fits with the rights you have

We use your information for these types of things:

  • to deliver our services and to provide you with information about them
  • to fulfil our contractual obligations such as the processing and delivery of an order
  • to deal with your requests, complaints and enquiries

We also collect information about how you use the Mansion House Bedding Company Limited, but it will be anonymous. For example, we’d be able to see that someone looked at a particular product on our website but we wouldn’t be able to tell that it was you.

  • to show you relevant advertising on another company’s site
  • to help us understand what kind of services you might use
  • to recommend things we think might interest you

Some of this advertising might be tailored to you.

  • to research and innovate
  • to contact you about various things

When will you use my information to contact me?

We might use your information to contact you about different things, like:

  • to update you on any changes to the our policies, practices and Terms of Use
  • to check with you about any service or activity you’ve signed up for. For example we might tell you if your account hasn’t been used in a long time.
  • to contact you in the processing of quotes, orders and relevant after-sales activities.
  • to answer you when you’ve contacted us, or to respond to a comment or complaint.
  • for marketing purposes.

We’ll only contact you when we need to or when you’ve given us permission.

Will I be contacted for marketing purposes?

We’ll only send you marketing emails or contact you about Mansion House Bedding Company Limited products, services and your views on issues about the Mansion House Bedding Company Limited if you’ve agreed to this.

Keep in mind, even if you unsubscribe, we may still contact you.

When do you share my personal information with others?

We’ll never sell your personal information. We do share it with others in these ways:

  • When you make something public

Like post a comment which the public can see.

  • When we use other companies to power our services

In order for us to give you quality experiences and to understand how you’re using our services we often use other companies to process your personal information on our behalf. For example, sending you emails about things we think might interest you, or to ask you what you think about our services.

We make sure that your personal information is looked after as if we were handling it directly. We carefully select these companies, only share with them what they need to do the work and we make sure they keep your information secure.

  • Sometimes by law we have to pass on your information to other organisations

We might also share your information if we have to by law, or when we need to protect you or other people from harm.

How can I delete my personal information?

This depends on what information you’re talking about.

We will keep information for products and purchases in line with our retention periods and in line with HMRC guidelines (6 years plus current, 7 years total).

We keep a record of how you’ve used our services, but this information can’t be linked back to you.

What are my rights?

Remember, you’re in control of your personal information.

You have the right to:

  • request a copy of your information
  • not let robots make big decisions about you
  • to ask us to correct information that’s wrong, to delete it or to request that we only use it for certain purposes
  • to change your mind, and ask us to stop using your information. For example, unsubscribing from any marketing emails

Bear in mind, sometimes we might not be able to help (like if the law tells us we can’t).

How do you use cookies and other tracking technologies?

What are cookies and tracking technologies?

Cookies are bits of data which are stored in your computer or mobile when you visit a website or app.

Why do we use cookies and other tracking?

To do a few different things:

  • to remember information about you, so you don’t have to give it to us again. And again. And again
  • to keep you signed in, even on different devices
  • to help us understand how people are using our services, so we can make them better
  • to help us personalise the Mansion House Bedding Company Limited to you by remembering your preferences and settings.
  • to find out if our emails have been read and if you find them useful

A few things on our websites wouldn’t work without some cookies. Tech people call these “strictly necessary cookies”. They’re always on when you visit us.

But we want to use others like functional, performance and advertising cookies to make your experience more enjoyable. We’ll only use them if you’ve agreed. You can always change your mind.

Bear in mind there are some other cookies out there from other companies. These “third-party cookies” might track how you use different websites, including ours. For example, you might get a social media company’s cookie when you see the option to share something. You can turn them off, but not through us.

Visitors to our web site do so on an anonymous basis. However, your personal information will be processed if you voluntarily complete any forms on our site or if you contact us with comments or specific requests.

Log File Analytics & Google Analytics: Our web server records IP addresses and writes these to log files that allow us to analyse visitor numbers on this website, track user’s movement around the website and from page to page, we use this information see how visitors use and interact with our website.

Google Analytics is implemented on our website and collects various data points from visitors to the website. IP Addresses are used to distinguish visitor numbers to the website. Google Analytics will record the country you access this website from using your IP Address. Data gathered by Google Analytics allows us to analyse visitor numbers on this website, track user’s movement around the website and from page to page, we use this information see how visitors use and interact with our website. Google Analytics data is stored for a period of 26 months which allows us to build a year upon year picture of visitor numbers to our website.

Data gathered by Google Analytics may be stored outside of the European Union in line with its undertakings through the EU-US Privacy Shield Program. Further information can be found at

You can find out more about Google’s position on privacy as regards its analytics service at

How long do cookies last?

Some are erased when you close the browser on your website or app. Others stay longer, sometimes forever, and are saved onto your device so they’re there when you come back.

How do I control my cookies and tracking?

When you first visit us, we’ll tell you about our cookies and ask you to agree if we can use them. You can always change your mind by going to your settings.

Stopping all cookies might mean you can’t access some services, or that some of them might not work properly for you.

Another way to control some tracking is in the settings on your device/browser.

Technology platforms

E-mail platform: the Mansion House Bedding Company Limited uses a respected email platform (currently Mailchimp) for sending and administering our email newsletters and this allows us to view who accessed the email and who unsubscribed. E-mail address lists are uploaded to this site as a distribution list. Administrator access to site is password protected.

You can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any point by click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email newsletter you receive. For more information, see:

MailChimp may store data outside of the European Union in line with its undertakings through the EU-US Privacy Shield Program. Further information can be found at

How will I find out about changes to this policy?

We update this policy sometimes. If we make important changes, like how we use your personal information, we’ll let you know. It might be a notice, an email, or sent to you in writing.

If you don’t agree to the changes, then you can always stop using our services and stop giving us any more personal information. We’d be sorry to see you go.

How can I contact the Old English Bed Company?

For any questions or comments about this policy speak to our Data Protection Officer. If you’re in the UK:

by post

DPO, Mansion House Bedding Company Limited, 6 Whittle Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 0UH

by email,

By telephone, +44 (0)1473 255 888


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